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Afghanistan is sinking economically: Former US Ambassador, Generals

Eight former US ambassadors and three military generals have written a joint editorial on Afghanistan warning that Afghanistan is sinking economically.

This joint editorial on Afghanistan was written by a senior US official for a think tank.

The former military officials who wrote the editorial include US commander John Campbell of NATO, while eight former US ambassadors have served in Afghanistan.

The joint agency called for economic assistance and cooperation to be provided to Afghanistan, and for humanitarian aid to be extended to Afghanistan as soon as possible.

The joint statement said that since the US withdrawal, the situation has been deteriorating and Afghanistan is facing a severe humanitarian crisis.

By mid-2022, 97% of the Afghan population is expected to fall below the poverty line, with 5% of the Afghan population receiving adequate food per day, the joint statement said.

According to the joint venture, Afghanistan needs food, access to medicine, and the restoration of other economic institutions.

The joint agency stressed that it is true that there is hesitation due to the Taliban but another solution should be found to this problem.

The joint agency also said that the longer it takes to find a solution, the greater the crisis could be.

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