Babar Azam could not meet the challenge of Thaqleen Mushtaq

National cricket team captain Babar Azam could not meet the challenge of coach Thaqleen Mushtaq.

Pakistan coach Thaqleen Mushtaq had challenged world number one T20 player Babar Azam, but the national team captain lost.

There was an interesting conversation between the two before the challenge, in which Thaqleen Mushtaq said that I am challenging the T20 number one player to score 12 runs in one over. Age is a factor.

During the conversation, Thaqleen Mushtaq also told Babar Azam about fielding where he has fielded players.

Praising Thaqleen Mushtaq, Babar Azam said that he was one of the best spinners of his time and he does ‘Dosra’ very well.

There was an interesting contest between the two players but Babar Azam could not score 12 runs and he lost the challenge.

After the defeat, Babar Azam again praised Thaqleen Mushtaq and said that he had already said that he was a legend.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shared the match between the two players on its Twitter account.

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