Exports of various sectors increased in November

According to Abdul Razzaq Dawood, Trade Adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan, exports of various sectors of the country have increased, while some have also seen a decline.

In his statement, he said that Pakistan’s exports of domestic textiles, garments and jerseys have increased in November.

According to the trade adviser, exports of leather garments, fruits, vegetables and cement have increased compared to November 2020.

Exports of plastics, surgical instruments and meat have also increased during November 2020, he said.

The trade adviser said exports of tobacco, cigarettes and wooden furniture had declined.

He said that due to geographical expansion, exports to USA, China, UAE, Netherlands increased.

The trade adviser said exports to Bangladesh, Germany, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Malaysia and Italy had increased, while exports to Afghanistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ukraine and Yemen had declined.

The trade adviser said that during October 2021, exports of services increased by 23% over the previous financial year.

He said that during October 2020, exports were 43 432 million, while services exports in October this financial year reached 2 532 million.

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