What did Harnaz Sindhu promise to Lara Dutta?

Indian Miss Hernaz Sindhu, who won the Miss Universe 2021 title, had promised former Miss Universe 2000 Laradata that she would win the title.

Famous Bollywood actors and other celebrities are congratulating Harnaz Sindhu on winning this Miss Universe 2021 title on social media.

Laradata has congratulated Hernaz Sindhu on winning the title of Miss Universe 2021 on the photo and video sharing app Instagram.

He shared a photo of Harnaz Sindhu and wrote, “Dear Harnaz Sindhu, when you spoke to her on the phone yesterday, you promised that this title would be yours!”

He praised Harnaz Sindhu and wrote, “You are capable of achieving all these victorious glories and many more!”

“You had unshakable faith in yourself and you knew that was why you were born,” he wrote.

Lara Dutta added: “You were born the year she won the Miss Universe title!

Expressing his best wishes for Harnaz Sindhu, he congratulated her and her parents on the victory.

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