Why did Tom Cruise send 300 Christmas cakes on his private jet?

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has sent 300 Christmas cakes to the UK in a private jet before Christmas.

According to international media reports, Tom Cruise has sent Christmas cakes to the UK in a private jet for the entire crew of his film ‘Mission: Impossible 7’.

Tom Cruise has sent 300 Christmas cakes from Los Angeles to the UK on a private jet as a gift for his team.

According to reports, the private jet was sent on a journey of 5,500 miles over the Atlantic Ocean.

Remember that Tom Cruise is famous for sending his favorite people white chocolates and coconut bundt cakes from Downs Bakery in Woodland Hills as gifts to his loved ones.

Many people even call this cake ‘Tom Cruise Cake’.

Sources say that Tom Cruise wanted to invite the team from his movie “Mission: Impossible 7” to Christmas and decided that nothing could be better for him than the cakes at Downs Bakery in Los Angeles.

The source added that they asked the bakery to make 300 special cakes and then sent them to the UK on their jet.

The source said, “It may seem like a waste of money, but Tom Cruise is an incredibly generous man and he wanted to do something special for everyone who worked with him in the film.”

According to reports, Tom Cruise has spent 11,400 euros on these cakes.

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