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A Swiss company built a train over a mile long

The world’s longest train has been developed in Switzerland, to be run on the occasion of the country’s 175th anniversary of railways.

Built by a Swiss railway company, it is one-tenths of a mile long and snakes its way through Switzerland’s famous mountain range, the Alps.

It should be noted that Switzerland’s mountain railways are considered a masterpiece of engineering, but it is such a dangerous place that it cannot be considered a good place to run such a long train and the world’s longest passenger train in such a place. Driving a train is unusual.

However, this is a double feat for the Swiss railway company Rehtessche Bahn Railways, as the alpine pass itself is no less challenging, with the speed fluctuations on this railway line with dangerous curves making the situation even more difficult.

While the width of this railway line is very less i.e. only one meter whereas in general the standard width of railway line is 1.435 meters.

However, 25 Capricorn electric trains (with a total of 100 passenger cars) successfully completed their journey from the UNESCO World Heritage Albula Line Preda to Alvineu in eastern Switzerland and everything went well.

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