About Us!


Our website is one of the most visited website in Pakistan thanks to reliable, authoritative and important news which is certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).  Professional and renowned journalists of Pakistan are offering their services on our website.  Due to its unique style of expression, our website is extremely popular among all segments of society i.e youth, businessmen, literary intellectuals, employed professionals, teachers, athletes and artist community.

We value news from all walks of life, which is why this website has special editions, your voice, business news, investigative reports, meaningful editorials, interesting columns, sports news and news on public issues for the readers.  Provides valuable information. Our website has a special place among the most popular websites in Pakistan due to its impartial journalism policy.

Jaims Marker:

Renowned Pakistani journalist Jaims Marker is the founder of truewn.com. Jaims Marker started his journalistic career in 2013 as a staff reporter for a Lahore News.  Thanks to his professional skills, she soon rose to prominence in journalism. In 2015, he joined the famous newspaper Jang and played a significant role in the development and rise of the newspaper.  He also held important positions such as Senior Staff Reporter, Chief Reporter, Deputy Resident Editor, Resident Editor and Deputy Chief Editor.

After quieting from Jang, Jaims Marker founded truewn.com in 2018, which has so far been successfully developing thanks to authentic and responsible journalism.

Our team:

Renowned columnists Usmine Sim (USA), Layaq Noor (UAE), Zubaida Biya (Malaysia), Prof. Shasmita Kaur, Prof. Amrita Jahan, Dr. Absitra Shah and Prof. Aliya Zaib are in the team of truewn.com.  In addition, senior journalists and experienced managers are overseeing various departments of the organization.

Our performance:

By the grace of God Almighty, in 2019, truewn.com moved to its new office, which is equipped with all modern scientific facilities as per the requirements of the times, in which its printing press is also successfully operational.  There are separate sections for each department including Newsroom, Reporting Room, Composing Room, Web, Social Media Section and CTP. ERP software for fast and efficient communication in all these sections.  Is being used which is yielding excellent results.