How to Get Japan Work Visa | Step by Step Guide 2021

Japan work visa policies has relased recently. How does it affect your prospect of working in Japan? How should you apply for Japan work visa? How long does it take to get the process done? How much will it cost you?

We are here today to answer all those questions and give you a straight guide on how to acquire Japan visas without any hassle.

Japan Work Visa Policies 2021

Since the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011, there have been changes happening in the country’s government that everyone needs to know about. For example, Shinzo Abe’s premiership has lead to modifications in several laws, including immigration rules. It is good news for you if you are interested moving this Far East country because Japan wants to incease the Japn’s workforce and in turn improve its GDP and standard of living.

Also, people who wish to work in Japan must be aware that the government has also announced a further support for foreign students studying in Japanese universities. This might help you land your dream job whether you are already a student or aiming for one.

The point is, if you want Japan visa, this is an excellent time to submit your applications because the government wants more foreigners to come over there. How much it will cost? How long does it take? We will tell you all about it later on.

Type of Japan Visas:

First thing first, there are several types of visas which you can apply from depending on profession and country of origin:

Type A

For those who come from a non-visa exempt country or have residence in the mainland China, they need to obtain Japan visa before entering Japan.

Type B

This one is for those who are not residing in Mainland China and hold a valid passport from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea or United Kingdom. These people just need to apply their visas at Japanese embassies or consulates from outside Japan.

Type C

If you happen to be a Chinese national with permanent residency of Macao S.A.R., Taiwan or Hong Kong S.A.R., you can enter Japan without obtaining visa beforehand as long as your stay does not exceed 180 days every six month period starting from the day you arrive.

How to Get Japan Work Visa: How to Apply?

First of all, before we tell you how to get Japan work visa, here are some prequisites that need special mention:

You must be in good health condition, no mental illness or infectious disease. in short, no physical problem preventing your journey. There must not be any criminal records on your name locally or internationally. Do not have current Japan visa in your old passport.

If you are qualified with this list then you can begin applying with these steps:

Step 1

Check If You Meet The Eligibility Criteria

So far, there are only three countries who do not need a visa for entry Japan if their stay is less than 90 days: South Korea, Sweden and the USA. How does it affect you? Basically, you can visit Japan without any visa and then apply for a work permit once you get there. How to do that we will explain further in this article.

However, if you happen to be from other countries such as China, India or Bangladesh, but your profession falls under certain categories like IT workers or language instructors (for example), then congratulations! You need no sponsorship at all because you are eligible for Japan working holiday visa. How cool right? How to get Japan work visas within 90 days???? Don’t worry; we will tell how later on the article too!

Step 2

Know The Application Procedure And Required Documents

Before you get visas to Japan, ensure that your travel history does not include any African countries. How come? Japan has banned people from South and North Africa because of Ebola epidemic in these regions. If this is not a problem for you then here is the list of documents you need:

1. Passport or other means of identification with at least 6 months validity time after your arrival in Japan

2. One application form (must be filled out correctly)

3. At least two passport size photos taken within six months

4. Proof of legal status in country where resident such as copy of Green Card, I-20 or work permit, etc.

5. Visa Application fee which can be paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), debit card with MasterCard logo, postal money order or cashier’s check

6. If you happen to be outside Japan at the moment, ask your travel agent how to get Japan visa in an hour so that you will not miss your interview appointment next week! How cool right?

Step 3

How To Get Japan Work Visa Within 90 Days?

1. Apply for type “C” visa at Japanese Embassy or Consulate from outside Japan (typical case)

2. After arriving into Japan, submit type “D” application form along with all required documents to local immigration authority (Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau if you stay in Tokyo). They will process it and send the result within 20 days to your address in Japan.

3. If approved, re-enter Japan with type “D” visa stamped on your passport and pick up your Residence Card at airport or port within 3 months of arrival date. How cool right?

There you have it! How to get Japan work visa done! We hope you find this article very helpful for applying working visas to Japan through the internet, by yourself without paying any agent fee. How come? We will tell that next time too! Keep checking our blog or subscribe to our email list so that you won’t miss anything about how to work in Japan.

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