How to make a Perfect CV for abroad Job

CV is only one of many possible tools and it should be tailored to each case, but here we’ll discuss a few useful tips that will work in most cases. First you have to define the job for which you’re going to prepare CV — if you go abroad for study or for permanent relocation — it’s very different than short-term visit, like “working holiday visa” or similar.

As a rule, you can’t take your favorite CV and make it suitable for abroad job — many fields require specific language skills, references, educational institutions and even personal preferences. But there are some rules that always work:

You should present yourself as a competent specialist. Emphasize your education, practical skills and achievements related to the foreign job. As a rule, it’s better not to go with chronological order — nobody cares when you finished schools or how long you served in this company — just state facts and results of your work that are relevant for the job in question.

It’s easier if you already have experience abroad. If you don’t, but you studied in an English-speaking country – it’s fine.

If there are specific requirements for the job, check if your qualifications match these requirements. For example “at least 2 yrs experience” or “native speaker”, etc.

Make sure that each part of the resume has a clear structure. Don’t make a wall of text — you should be able to read it immediately and understand what exactly do they want from applicants for this position.

It’s useful to look at some examples before writing CV yourself. You can find plenty on the Internet, or ask your friends about their resume samples too.

If you already have a job, you can download an example of a resume from the Internet and adapt it to the requirements of a foreign company.

You should have references or at least be able to ask them quickly, this information is very important for your future employer.

If it’s possible — send all required documents as PDFs (for example diplomas, references) — these files are more difficult to alter than simple pictures or web-links.

Be patient and prepare all the information very carefully. If you don’t have much time before sending documents abroad, check any online translation services too.

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